Green Square Plus


Making Green Square a world-leading sustainable community

Flow Systems is working with the City of Sydney to deliver sustainability and resilience beyond Green Square Town Centre, through world-leading local sustainable water and energy networks that will be available to developers across Green Square.

Green Square Plus will be a new local multi-utility set up by Flow Systems to provide recycled water to all new residential, commercial, retail and government assets and parks across the greater precinct. Unlike in the Town Centre, Green Square Plus will also provide drinking water, wastewater and trade waste services as well as energy services including embedded electrical networks and local renewable generation.

Developers have a unique opportunity to be part of this global best practice approach by reducing water, energy and carbon across one of Australia’s largest urban renewal projects. In partnership with the City of Sydney and Green Square Plus, developers can help create a liveable and resilient exemplar community for future generations.


What is recycled water used for?

  • Flushing toilets

  • The cold water tap into the washing machine

  • Irrigation & vegetable gardens

  • Cooling tower water

  • Water features

What are the benefits of recycled water?

  • Highest BASIX water ratings

  • Potable water mains reduction

  • Cheaper water bills

  • Enhanced liveability & resilience

  • Secure water supply during drought

Green Square Plus Flyer

You can find out more about Green Square Plus here.


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