Developer benefits

Green Square Water has a price parity policy with the local incumbent. This means we charge the same amount as Sydney Water for drinking water and wastewater services, those services that Sydney Water would provide if they were the utility at Green Square. Our recycled water usage charge is 10 cents less a kL than our drinking water.

Sustainable water network at your doorstep

Developers will benefit from easy and fast connection to an already installed high quality recycled water network. Green Square Water will reduce homeowner and business water costs and contribute to substantial savings of drinking water.

This unique and low cost BASIX approved water infrastructure represents the future of water servicing. It will save developers and builders high costs for alternate sustainable measures such as rainwater harvesting and storage. Importantly, it will deliver the most sustainable solution to the development as well as mums and dads and businesses buying into the precinct.

Highest green ratings

Green Square Water enables the highest green ratings, including BASIX and Green Star. Recycled water delivers a secure water supply unlike rainwater and alternate sources which are less reliable. At Green Square, recycled water is harvested from stormwater, purified on site to the highest Australian standards and reused for toilet flushing, washing machines and irrigation.

Internal rates of return

Developers also improve their Internal Rates of Return (IRR) through:

  • Reduced infrastructure costs
  • Higher property values as a result of a sustainable water solution
  • Reduced risk to development staging through more economically affordable and environmentally sensitive development and better value to customers

Price parity

Flow utilities have a price parity policy with the local incumbent. Our communties pay no more than the neighbouring communities for water services. However our recycled water is 10 cents less per kilolitre for Sydney Water drinking water.

Customer benefits

Our customers gain a secure and sustainable water source unaffected by drought:

  • Our households use up tp 50 per cent less drinking water
  • We make homes more sustainable, enhancing property values
  • We get homes higher BASIX ratings
  • Our customers save 10 cents for every kilolitre on recycled water