Connecting your apartment

Green Square apartments, shops and offices will connect to the new sustainable Green Square Water network. Homeowners and businesses will be able to contribute to large savings of drinking water. They will also significantly reduce the impact of stormwater discharged into the environment. Find out more below.

Recycled water taps

A number of recycled water taps in Green Square apartments, offices and shops will be connected to the Green Square sustainable water network. These taps are all purple in colour, including:

  • Cold washing machine taps in your laundry
  • Cistern taps in toilets
  • Balcony or ground level gardens and irrigation for parks and green space


Recycled water quality

The highest quality recycled water is supplied to apartments, shops and offices by Green Square Water. This water will undergo multiple purification processes.

Recycled water is used for non-potable purposes including toilet flushing, clothes washing and irrigation. Using drinking water for these purposes is a waste, especially when we live in a climate of constant droughts and dry periods. By using recycled water instead, your household can save up to 50 per cent of drinking water.

Where does recycled water come from?

Local stormwater passing through the Green Square precinct is harvested through a decentralised sustainable water network. It is sent back to the Green Square Water Centre at the heart of the community.

This Centre is located in the old hospital, now known as the Green Centre.

Green Square uses ultrafiltration technology and Reverse Osmosis (RO) to clean and purify water.