BASIX & Green Star

Green Square is a leading green development. Underpinned by energy, waste and water sustainability, the $8 billion development has about 5,700 new homes with close to 11,000 more residents. By 2030, Green Square is expected to attract 40,000 new residents and 22,000 new workers. Find out more below about Green Square’s sustainability ratings.

Green Star

Green Star is a comprehensive, national, voluntary environmental rating system that evaluates the environmental design and construction of buildings and communities. With more than 4 million square metres of Green Star-certified space around Australia, and a further 8 million square metres of Green Star-registered space, Green Star is transforming Australia’s built environment.

Green Star was developed for the property industry in order to:

  • establish a common language
  • set a standard of measurement for built environment sustainability
  • promote integrated, holistic design;
  • recognise environmental leadership;
  • identify and improve life-cycle impacts; and
  • raise awareness of the benefits of sustainable design, construction and urban planning.
  • Green Star has grown into a comprehensive rating system for all types of projects. Apartment buildings, schools, university buildings, TAFEs, hospitals, offices, shopping centres, and industrial facilities can receive Green Star certification and demonstrate leadership in the marketplace.

Green Square is a Green Star initiative.


The Building Sustainability Index, BASIX, is a web planning tool measuring the performance of new homes against water, energy and thermal benchmarks. It is administered by the Department of Planning.

Development Applications for residential dwellings, either a single dwelling or a multiunit, must be submitted with a BASIX Certificate.

BASIX requires all new homes in NSW to:

  • Use up to 40% less potable water
  • Produce up to 40% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than the average home
  • BASIX applies to new homes and home renovations of $50,000 or more.

The BASIX Water target incorporates regional variations such as soil type, climate, rainfall and evaporation rates.

The BASIX Energy target varies according to building type and location.

Each Development Application for a residential dwelling either a single dwelling or a multiunit, must be submitted with a BASIX Certificate. A Certificate is issued once a BASIX assessment has been satisfactorily completed, using the online tool on the BASIX website.

The homeowner, builder, architect or authorised agent is responsible for:

  • completing the assessment
  • ensuring the BASIX commitments are clearly marked on the plans
  • submitting the BASIX Certificate with the development application